Netping - Minimize Downtime

Netping provides scriptable downtime, performance, and resource monitoring for web services and servers.

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Server Monitoring
Netping is easy and intuitive to setup and will suit you whether you are monitoring a single host or a massive cluster.

Monitor Website Health

Be the first to know if your services are unresponsive or slow. Netping monitors all your web service's Uptime and Responsiveness using our international network of blazing fast check nodes.

  • Get notified via SMS if your services are down or slow.
  • Apply scriptable server side messages on your charts.
  • Define custom triggers to send warnings.
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Netping API

API & Devops

Use all of our extensive features as you like, via our flexible REST API.

  • Webhooks: Build logic around monitoring events (e.g. Server Down, Storage Low, Server Up).
  • Create your netping monitoring directly from linux provisioning scripts.

Server Metrics Monitoring

Monitor server metrics

Run our lightweight probe script on your server to monitor server resources or other relevant values (e.g. 'Logged in users' or 'Hourly Sales').

  • Return any JSON data you would like to plot alongside server regular metrics like free memory and CPU usage.
  • Use our API to add messages to the diagram timeline (e.g. 'backup initiated').
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Teams & Collaboration

Create sophisticated contact schedules and ensure the right person is notified according to your organization and team.

  • Define recurring weekly/monthly contact schedules (if needed).
  • Priority Lists: notify person B if person A does not respond within X minutes.
  • Create multiple Netping logins with custom rights.
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Teams & Collaboration

Multinational Check Locations

Netping offers a robust global network of blazing fast check locations from which to measure your services.

  • Choose a specific check location for your Check.
  • Plot and compare connection speeds from all over the world on standardized charts.
Uptime Monitoring Nodes
Domain name & SSL cert expiry monitoring

Domain & SSL Certificate Expiry

Create triggers to send warnings about domain name and SSL certificate expiry. We will notify you before any problems arise.

  • Monitor the expiry dates of your domain name or SSL certificate.
  • Get notified about misconfigured or weak SSL certificates.

Escalating Alerts

Define a prioritized list of recipients to create an escalating alert scheme.

  • If person A does not respond within 10 minutes contact person B.
  • If person B does not solve the issue within 1 hour notify person C
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Escalating Uptime Alerts
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