Partner Terms

Terms and conditions for Netping partners

These terms apply in addition to the Netping Terms of Service.

Reselling or promoting Netping services

The purpose of the Netping partner program is to promote the use of Netping services and create revenue for the partner in recognition of the generated Netping business.
The partner can register any new external customer, not already doing business with Netping.
The partner can, but is not obliged to, market Netping services, as part of their offering to customers.

Eligible for registration as partners

The Netping partner program is open for any organization that register new external customers with Netping.
Individuals may register as partners, but Netping needs to ensure that taxes are paid. In no case will the partner program constitute an employment by, or affiliation to Netping. Individuals will be required to use an umbrella payroll service, also known as co-employment, or PEO (professional employer organization).

Managing customers

Every end customer a partner registers will be listed on the partners Netping account. The partner can manage and maintain the customers Netping account, and all services and settings.
It is possible to register a customer without management rights. In that case, the partner will only see the contact, and billing information.

Providing good service

Netping and the partner shall provide good customer care, and support. It shall be recognized that the customer experience affects the reputation and brand of both Netping and the partner. All customers shall be treated professionally and respectfully, regardless of the customers size, or importance.

Good practices and ethics

The partner and Netping shall observe ethical, serious and honest business practices.
While respecting local conventions, Netping and it’s partners should always practice honest business ethics.
In particular, a partner may not pay private commissions or kick-backs to decision makers. Neither directly or indirectly. Nor may a partner receive commission for services sold to the partners employer.
Netping is an international business, and has partners in many parts of the world. It’s therefore important that partners respect and understand the different cultures and business practices, in the regions and cultures where the partner is doing business. Even if not doing business in a region or culture other than it’s own, the partner should respect business or cultural differences of all netping partners.

Non exclusive

The partnership is non exclusive for both Netping and the partner.

Commission on sales

The partner receives commission on every customer that the partner has registered with Netping. Commission is paid monthly or quarterly depending on volume. Commission is calculated on the received and finalized customer payments during the settlement period.
For each customer registered in the partners account, Netping will pay commission on services as follows:
  • 75 % of the first years billing
  • 50 % of the second years billing
  • 25 % of the following years billing
Commission periods are calculated counting from the creation date of the first invoice or receipt, from the customer in question.
Commission on support or consulting work is 25 %. Commission on appliances or other physical products is 10 % unless otherwise stated.
No commission is paid on freight, taxes, customs fees, transaction fees, reminder fees, interest, collection fees or legal fees.
Commission is paid as long as the customer is registered with the partner.
A customer is considered a new customer, only if the domain name on the customers checks changes.
The partner is responsible for paying taxes on the commission paid by Netping. Normally this would be done through a company.
Only external customer accounts will qualify for commission. Any use of Netping within the partners organization will have to be covered by a subscription.

Consulting, support and professional services

Netping and the partner can refer customers in need of consulting services, support, or professional services to each other. This can be either directly from the partner listings or in dialogue with the customer. Such referrals will qualify the referring partner for a commission from the referred to partner.
The partner and Netping agrees to pay 25 % commission on billing related to such referrals.

Listing on the partner page

Partners will be listed on the Netping website under Partners provided that:
  1. The partner links to Netping from their website, under partners or suppliers. Netping should be listed in similar context as other partners or suppliers.
  2. The partner provides at least one of the services available on the listing.
  3. The partner has fulfilled all its obligations according to the terms.

Evaluation plans for internal use and demo

Partners receive a Netping Enterprise plan for internal use. This plan is activated as long as one external paying customer is registered. New partners receive a 120 day trial Enterprise plan on registration.
Partners can register a 90 day trial for external customers. Trial licenses do not count as basis for commission.

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