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0 kr /mo
Personal package.

Our free version for non-commercial use.
82 kr 98 kr /mo
For single web projects.

Base package to cover single project needs.
400 kr 480 kr /mo
Small business.

For small businesses. Monitor up to 50 web services.
708 kr 849 kr /mo
Midsize to large business.

Fully featured with team login, premium support and on-call alert schedules.
Free Trial
on all payment plans.
Personal Essential Business Premium
Uptime & Resource Checks
The maximum number of services that Netping will pull to check status, response time and server resources.
3 checks 10 checks 50 checks 100 checks
Check Interval
Resolution of checks and Server Metric data.
3 min 1 min 1 min 1 min
Data Retention
How long your check data is saved.
7d 180d 1y 2y
Notification Types
The type of notifications that can be sent from Netping to the customer (i.e. Server Down Alert).
Mail, SMS Mail, SMS Mail, SMS,
Mail, SMS,
SMS Credits
Included messages for SMS-alerts & notifications.
10 / total 50 / m 150 / m 250 / m
Team Login
Create multiple Netping dashboard logins with custom rights.
Escalating Alerts
Define a prioritized list of recipients to create an escalating alert scheme (if person A does not respond within x minutes contact person B).
Contact Schedules
Create weekly or monthly work schedules and ensure the right person is notified according to your organization’s on-call schedule.
API Access
Use Netping as you like via our flexible REST API.
Webhook Support
Script your own logic around monitoring events (e.g. Server Down, Server Slow, Server Up).
Receive assistance from our tech team for setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of your service monitoring.
- Standard Standard Premium
Monthly price (incl. VAT) Free 82 kr 98 kr 400 kr 480 kr 708 kr 849 kr

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant with non-commercial use? (for personal accounts)

Our Personal Plan can be used freely by (i) nonprofits or not-for-profit organisations and (ii) non-commercial individual use. Any other use requires a paid subscription plan. Unfair usage of our personal plans will result in account cancellation.

Can I downgrade/upgrade a paying plan at any time?

Yes. The Netping subscription is calculated “per minute”. This means that it's possible to downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time. If your plan is Downgraded, you will be awarded credits that will automatically get used at the next billing cycle. If your plan gets Upgraded, the unused time for the plan you upgrade from, will be used to partly pay for your new Upgraded plan. All of this will be clearly described at the subscription checkout.

Can I change the billing interval (month/year) of a subscription?

Yes. In case of an Upgrade to yearly billing, the current subscription period will automatically get withdrawn from the new bill. If you should choose to Downgrade to monthly billing, you will be awarded credits that will automatically get used at the next billing cycle. All of this will be clearly described at the subscription checkout.

Can I get a test period before I buy a subscription?

All of our paid plans start with a 14 day trial. If not satisfied, feel free to cancel your subscription and no payment will be made to your card.

Can I subscribe without a credit card?

No. All plan subscriptions require a credit or debit card for payments. Any major brand card will do, such as VISA, Mastercard or Amex.

What currencies are supported for payments?

We currently support US Dollars ($), Euros (€) and Swedish or Norwegian Kronor (SEK or NOK). You select your preferred currency when activating a paid Netping subscription. Your currency selection, after a subscription is activated for an account, is permanent.

Does netping offer custom plans? We have specific needs.

Yes, we can offer custom subscriptions in any combination of our ordinary plans. Please send an email to sales@netping.com and describe your needs, and we will get back to you with a quote.

Is VAT included in your pricing?

Yes, all prices shown on this page is VAT included.

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Looking for a quote?

We offer custom packages in any combination. Please contact sales and describe your needs and we will get back to you shortly.

Sales team