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General Questions

What is Netping?

Netping is a monitoring service for the Uptime, Availability and Resources of webservices. It is free for personal, non-commercial use, while commercial use requires a small subscription-based fee.

Can I monitor my SSL-certificate with Netping?

Yes. Netping checks the SSL certificates required to visit your site for errors. If you create a trigger for it, we will also notify you if its close to expiry.

Can I monitor my domain name expiry date with Netping?

Yes. As with SSL certificates, we will check your domain name’s expiry date and, if a trigger exists, send you a warning notice if it is close to expiration.

Billing & Payments

Does Netping offer custom plans? We have specific needs.

Yes, we can offer custom subscriptions in any combination of our ordinary plans. Please send an email to sales@netping.com and describe your needs. We will get back to you with a quote.

 How do you define non-commercial use? (for personal accounts)

Our personal plan can be used freely by (i) non-profits or not-for-profit organisations and (ii) non-commercial individuals. Any other use requires a paid subscription plan. Unfair usage of our personal plans will result in account cancellation.

Can I downgrade/upgrade a paying plan at any time?

Yes. The Netping subscription is calculated “per minute”. This means that it's possible to downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time. If your plan is downgraded, you will be awarded credits that are automatically used during the next billing cycle. If your plan is upgraded, any unused time on the plan you upgraded from will be used to pay for part of your new plan. All of this will be clearly described during the subscription checkout process.

Can I change the billing interval (month/year) of a subscription?

Yes. In case of an upgrade to yearly billing, the current subscription period will automatically be withdrawn from the new bill. If you choose to downgrade to monthly billing, you will be awarded credits that are automatically used during the next billing cycle. All of this will be clearly described during the subscription checkout process.

Can I get a test period before buying a subscription?

All of our paid plans start with a 14-day trial. If you are unsatisfied, feel free to cancel your subscription and no payment will be made to your card.

Can I subscribe without a credit card?

No. All plan subscriptions require a credit or debit card for payments. Any major brand card will do, such as VISA, Mastercard, or Amex.

Which currencies are supported for payments?

We currently support US Dollars ($), Euros (€), and Swedish or Norwegian Kronor (SEK or NOK). You may select your preferred currency when activating a paid Netping subscription. Your currency selection, after a subscription is activated for an account, is permanent.

Where do I update my credit card details?

All of your subscription settings, including your credit card details, can be found under the Subscription page on the main menu of the Netping dashboard.

Is VAT included in your pricing?

Yes, all netping plan prices are VAT included.

Netping Dashboard & Uptime Monitoring

Netping says my webservice is down, but it's not. Why?

Your Check might have notified your alert recipients because of a very temporary network glitch somewhere between Netping's check server and your server. To filter out temporary network glitches and false positives, please select a minimum duration of at least a few minutes in your Check Triggers.

When are Incidents created? And what should I do with them?

If Netping considers your check as Down, alert messages will be sent and an Incident will be created. The Incident is a timeline log of Why the check is considered down and which recipients have been contacted about the situation. If your organization consists of multiple recipients, you can Claim an Incident to show the rest of the team that you are working on fixing the problem. When the problem is fixed, mark the incident as Solved. If you are a one-person team, just consider the Incident as a timeline log of your downtime.

What is a “Check Interval”?

The Check Interval, mentioned on the Features & Pricing page, is the minimum interval between checks that are allowed for a Check. Different Netping plans allow for different check intervals. For example, a paid plan has a lower minimum check interval, and thus a higher check resolution, than a free/personal plan.

What is a "Schedule Recipient"?

A Schedule Recipient is a monthly schedule that you can fill with recipients. You can define which recipients Netping should contact with availability alerts depending on the time of day and day of the week. Contact schedules can be rotating (repeating) or set up from week to week to fit the needs of your organization.

I forgot my password. How do I login?

If you created your account via a third-party login, such as Google or Microsoft, no password was entered during the registration process. In this situation, click the corresponding button on the login page to login with your Google or Microsoft credentials. If you did create a new password during your Netping registration and simply forgot what it was, please visit the Forgot Your Password page to reset the password for your account.

API & Customization

What programming languages are supported for API-requests?

Our API is a REST-API called over HTTP, which means you are free to use any programming language to connect. We supply Code Samples  in the Python, PHP, and Ruby languages, but any modern (or unmodern) language is supported. For more information regarding API requests, visit the API-Documentation.

How do I generate an API-token?

To start using our API, please generate your API token at the API Settings page on the Netping dashboard.

How do I set the API token in my API request?

You should place the API token in the HTTP header in the request to our servers. This is described in detail at the very beginning of our API Documentation.

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